You are everything… The choice is yours


Never give up no matter the circumstances! A human can endure even unquestionable things at times. When you believe in what you can do. You remember you are from the stars and what you are can never die. The body will pass. The mind will continue. Life does not know the concept of nothing. So when the loss of hope hits you or still currently is. When you see no light and are trapped in pure darkness, remember there is always light in the room for you are always omnipresent. You are the amazing human being. Living on the amazing Earth. Living amongst other amazing forms of life. It is 2014. It’s time to drop the egos. For they are self-made and can lead to destroying things or yourself. There is no competition. This is also ego playing its role. This life is a form of man-made hierarchy. There is not right. Just like there is no wrong. There is only how one perceives the notion and the feeling from how it the being should access and act upon contact. The more we impose strict notions upon others, the more we have forced beliefs upon not just one’s self, but us as a complete being itself.

United we stand… Divided we fall…  United we stand… Divided we fall… The more unneeded steps of turmoil we take, the more stages of confusion we allow ourselves to become subject to. Stop with the worrying of how another feels. It’s up to you to achieve happiness. If you just stop. I know you can. Just look deep inside and say this is enough. I have felt a series of feelings and a flow of energy that is not mine. Smile even if you’re hungry and homeless or have what you wanted. It does not matter. Everything from the time you realized you were making your own decision has been a result of you. This will be the process we must achieve in order to create and maintain a loving, caring, sustainable way of life that will continue till the point of we no longer do without. But first, it’s time to realize that no longer can anybody at the age of understanding sit and watch. There is no reason for under the table power. Just like there should have never been a reason for an organization funded with taxes to say they are so large of an entity they do not need to reply to even a judge or the people who are funding it, the citizens.



The voice of 7 billion people cheering at once with love and harmony can you imagine!   The power of unity!     The power of unity!     The power of unity!


The achievement of 7 billion minds working with each other on a universal scale. Oh the power of all these minds working with each other, the creative possibility is unfathomable! You fancy an amazing looking building or a car? Are you kidding me? How would it feel if you have free energy that exists at all times, allowing you to openly travel wherever you choose in your respected area of space above the sky. It’s only going to take less than you know to ignite the unity of us all.

Remember that! If even 1 out of 10 of you that read this feel that. Then imagine how fast this can be achieved. You want change and you want it now. It’s time to move in all areas. No matter your age you have a say. Suppression is only achieved when the one subject to it coheres with it. It is time to stop and realize. This is a world of how our minds work it. Just stay on that notion. “Think it through”, “Feel it”, “Love it”. Then realize the world is yours and everyone’s to live in it as you wish. It only takes the idea to be put in motion. Our body will go but an idea can live forever. My idea is that we all have unity and access to our already on-hand technology to travel around freely and safely as we please. The tools are already here we must imply on the access to them and the disclosure of all contact that has transpired. We have to know our world history as a whole. No more leaving others in the dark. Humans want to live by each other’s happiness. And you can bet that we will. The greed of men is dying and we will achieve what it is that we deserve. We must start asking all questions. Remember to challenge everything but do it with love! I hope you all shine so bright your friends have to wear sunglasses around you! Light speed to you all and good luck when in newly traveled space.





Do it for you! It will help us all.



Author: Aaron Lonon