The Amazing Secrets Of The Masters Of The Far East

Written by Victor Simon Perara

Author’s Note

In these lessons I have embodied many valuable secrets, which have been collected with great care from the treasured wisdom of Ancient India. These secrets if put into daily practice will bring you added health, greater success and unbounded happiness. They will prove to be a guide, philosopher and friend and will serve you well in times of trouble, difficulty or disease.  In fact you will soon come to regard them as the greatest boon that has ever come into your life.

The important facts contained in these lessons will place a scepter of power in your hands with which you can create a pathway to health, success and abundant life. You will find that they contain a priceless message which will bring solace to your mental wounds in times of distress.  You will come to feel that you have realized a life-long dream, and will often regret that this information did not come to you much earlier. And, best of all, you will find nothing in these lessons that will in any way conflict with any religious principles which you may hold. On the other hand your spiritual convictions will be strengthened because you will find that Truth is the same, in all lands, and in all times, regardless of the name it may take or the manner of its presentation.

May the message which I have penned for you from the “Pearl upon the brow of India” linger long with you and bring you a world of light and life and beauty, radiant with joy and youth.

Victor Simon Perera
Negombo, India, 1941

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