Back to Basics: Freedom from Government

Written by Brent Johnson

Whenever I observe the endless stream of apparent social crises requiring government intervention to solve, I am at a loss to understand why there seems to be little concern about preserving our personal freedoms.

The Declaration of Independence proclaims your Right to live life free from government intrusion. If you are an American, you are governed only by your own consent. In truth, as a member of We the People, you are above the law! You have the Right to live your life any way you choose, as long as you do not prevent anyone else from doing the same. This is not anarchy, as some would call it. This is America. This is freedom.

When you evaluate health-care, crime bills, anti-terrorist legislation, environmental acts and the like, consider whether the proposed laws seek to control your behavior and/or take away your free choice? If so, they violate the principles on which America was founded and need not be obeyed. Our Founding Fathers fought to preserve these principles. They pledged their very lives to each other to preserve personal freedom.

Our Founding Fathers knew that throughout history, governments left unchecked inevi- tably work to control the people, restricting their personal freedoms. This is always done in the name of order. But have you ever thought to ask why we must have order? Why is order so important? Hitler, Caesar, Mao Tse Tung, all great dictators and tyrants have used order to justify tyranny, for as long as there have been governments. America is different. It was created by the people, for the people, and the people have more power than any government official – that is the law! Perhaps it is harder to maintain a free society than a dictatorship. Perhaps a free society is less orderly than a tyranny. Is freedom worth it?

Next time the government offers you something for nothing, consider the cost to your freedom. One day soon you will be asked to accept a federal identification card – the U.S. government wants to make America a cashless society. Accepting this ID card will be easy and convenient, but you will forever surrender your privacy rights; everything you do will be monitored by the government; it will deduct taxes directly from your electronic account and you will have no recourse.

George Orwell’s 1984 is here. Big Brother is watching!

Originally posted @ The Sovereign Voice


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