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main-headerThis blog charts the ongoing story of a relationship which spontaneously formed in September 2016 between NewEarth Founding Trustee Greg Paul and another long-standing member of the NewEarth team, and how the alchemy which emerged therefrom is tangibly manifesting all that new earth has espoused (community, economy and everything else besides), effortlessly, at lightning speed, through the principle and ethic of ‘one family united’, in Ecuador and beyond.

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If you were following the Peru blog and left wondering why it stopped suddenly (and why this couldn’t be communicated before now), the first article in this blog should hopefully answer your questions…

The stories shared in this blog are very much oriented toward the manifestation of the new earth and all the NewEarth organisation has espoused… anyone wishing to delve deeper with us into the more alchemical aspects of mastering divine union, integration of divine masculine and feminine within, and the potential for self-mastery these deep enquiries promise, can visit us at (when the site launches very soon)

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Manifesting Community Beyond Human Dynamics

  Written by Greg Paul This article takes one particular view on the human dynamics issues that have, to some degree, plagued EVERY conscious community in the world to date. As the course to this particular community project here in Latin America has begun to chart itself, an awareness...

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Manifesting the new earth in 16 hours!

Several days ago, toward the end of the matching process spoken about in the previous post, much had come up for both of us – for Gabriela, a spiralling sense of torment surrounding an issue which seemed be the result of an experience we had had (or rather not...

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40 days and 40 nights

  Much is spoken of the ‘bubble effect’ and period of ‘mirroring’ that each so-called twin flame union finds themselves experiencing. Most seem to experience the bubble effect – that which expresses at the outset to ground the union – as a fleeting experience which is followed by some...

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Why Community?

So much is spoken of the need for us to commune – many across the globe feel a strong pull to live in real community. Mostly this is driven by a sense of not belonging where we already are – the felt sense that a higher form of existence...

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And so it begins…

Having arrived in Vilcabamba, Ecuador some 9 months ago, my family and I had been through some tough times… the trip to Peru had unearthed every defect that existed in our family dynamic and as we landed in Vilcabamba (still with an incredibly sick baby in tow) we finally...

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