Dance Walking London – Evoking Sovereignty Through Ecstatic Movement


NewEarth Project is a worldwide movement holding the vision for a world where art, beauty and consciousness transcend fear, time & money. In order to manifest a sovereign and sustainable society we collaboratively create: platforms, blueprints, tools, products, services & physical environments while integrating with other movements to advance our collective mission.

One of the movements we are collaborating with is the Dance Walking London community, where like minds and like hearts are choosing social activism in the most radiant, expressive way they know how.

Dance Walking is a practice in the art of self-expression, where we let our body and spirit dance freely to music while moving through beautiful parts of London. It’s about being courageous, stepping into your light, freeing yourself and by doing so inspiring others to shine and express themselves freely as well.

Through ecstatic movement, we seek to evoke and embody sovereignty in its purest form.


How it all started:

Dance Walking London started in summer 2012 after seeing this video from Ben Aaron who found a guy dance walking on the pedestrian walk in NY. When they saw this video, they were inspired and wanted to take dance walking to the next level by getting groups together and dance walk through London listening to the same music.

The idea behind Dance Walking is about letting go of fear, self-judgment and inhibitions, having fun as well as raising self-awareness and the vibration of ourselves and those around us.


Collaborating with NewEarth: 

Since running events since July 2012, Dance Walking London became ready this year to take it to the next level. They are evolving the dance walks into partnered talks about spreading love letters, growing conscious community, laughter yoga, sovereignty and how that relates to the right to dance freely on the streets. The natural collaborative conversations which inspire action-oriented ideas within this small, yet growing community have found a comfortable and welcome fit within NewEarth.

It is hoped that more people within NewEarth reach out to the Dance Walking London community  or become inspired to start their own local meetup to begin coming together to start a conversation about how you can begin to shape the world you want to live in, join in the fun and experience evolution in action.


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