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Yongo Otieno Wycliffe

“When I woke up in the mid of last night lying in bed, Iyongo6
was asking myself: What are some of the
secrets of success in vision? I then found the
answer right there in my room.
The AC said- “Be cool”.
The roof said – “Aim high”.
The window said – “See the world”.
The clock said – “Every minute is precious”.
The mirror said -“Reflect before you act”.
The calendar said – “Be up to date”.
The door said – “Push hard for your goals”.
“And don’t forget”, the floor
said – “Kneel down and pray if u are thankful to God”…
and that’s what I keep doing” – Yongo Wycliff


yongo2Recently appointed to New Earth Nation Youth Council, 22-year-old Wycliffe Founder of Share permaculture project lives in Kenya, Africa in a small village running youth workshops in permaculture, conflict resolution, behavioral change, HIV education and dance. Wycliffe’s full name is Yongo Otieno Wycliffe, and he has a simple and powerful vision not only for his village, but for the world. Yongo shares with passion his life’s work; building strength within his community and surrounding communities from the ground up, in many respects. Wycliffe works with youths of all ages, from 8 – 39 and in with a range of educational programs, for which he is training several village members to teach also. Wycliffe’s passion in Permaculture has opened doors of outreach to his community and abroad.

yongo1Yongo spends his days volunteering for various gardening and farming projects and loves learning about local techniques in building the soil, building practices, and working with women, children, elders, and tribal governments.

Educating and empowering communities to work together, is a central goal of Mr Wycliffe, and he desires to help communities become energy-efficient, sanitary, and abundant in food and housing.  Teaching sustainable living practices and sharing his expertise is a goal that Mr Wycliffe has dedicated the rest of his life to accomplish.

yongo5Mr Wycliffe is fascinated by nature, living and practicing sustainability.  Yongo’s motivation is born from the desire to create a platform for youth excited to learn more about Permaculture, as an alternative to social disillusionment.  Yongo lives and shares daily in his knowledge for the benefit of African communities.  By teaching sustainability practices an infrastructure may be established, which will improve the viability, economy, and culture for the African people.

“I believe that people can come together in a strong, united community if we encourage and support them to:
1. Feel empowered
2. Fulfill their potential to get on in life to live sustainably” – Yongo Wycliffe


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Originally posted @ New Earth Project – Youth Council


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