Big Pharma vs. the People of the World

by Members of the Committee to Support the ITNJ


Jim Humble ITNJ Commission of Inquiry Witness Testimony

Since the release of his important testimony the ITNJ has been experiencing new levels of censorship and shadow banning, with the numbers of views and clicks greatly reduced. No doubt this is linked to the release of Jim Humble’s testimony. Read on…

In 1996, while in Africa prospecting for gold, Jim Humble offered his water purification drops as a remedy to two fellow prospectors stricken with Malaria, only to watch them make a full recovery within hours! Since then he has helped thousands of people in 150 countries recover from almost every disease known to humankind with this very simple molecule, Chlorine Dioxide, also known as MMS or Master Mineral Solution.

Click here to watch Jim’s ITNJ testimony.

During his testimony as part of the ITNJ’s 2019 Indonesia Seating of its Commission of Inquiry into the Weaponization of the Biosphere, Jim speaks about the campaign of lies and cover-ups by global organisations and regulating bodies to prevent the world from learning about MMS.

Safe, inexpensive, and readily available, MMS poses an especially large threat to the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies and other big organisations, including the big tech companies who are complicit in keeping this information buried.

With the power to end the suffering of millions, knowledge of this amazing substance deserves to be out in the world. Please help us spread the word by sharing with your friends and family, and learning more about Jim’s work. A NewEarth University (NEU) Fellow, please accept your copy of Jim’s complimentary digital version of his book, The Solution: Overcoming Disease, available (as a Pop-up to click) at the NEU website Homepage:


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